PT-1100 High Performance Rear Loader


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The Heil high-performance PT 1100 is the first rear loader specifically engineered using the full resources of Dover Corporation’s global initiatives. Designed as a truly world platform, the PT 1100 provides the capability to manufacture and assemble anywhere in the world, utilizing ESG’s unparalleled design, fabrication and channel partner resources.


The PT 1100 is designed with extensive use of high-tensile, high-yield strength steels to maximize durability and increase payloads. It has built-in and standardized safety features, super-fast cycle times for increased productivity and multifaceted capability. The PT 1100 can handle commercial, residential, highly abrasive and organic wet wastes, all of which contribute to your Triple Bottom Line.

Features and Benefits

High-tensile, high-yield strength construction Provides increased strength with reduced weight enabling maximization of payloads 

All metric design Provides ease of maintenance and support anywhere in the world 

Fully interlaced subframe and platformed body Engineered to provide maximum strength to the body floor and sides 

Upgraded packer mechanisms and geometry Provides increased packing performance and improved ease of maintenance 

Oversized packer bearings and ejector wear pads Gives increased durability, reduced cost, and reduced service downtime 

Standard regen valve/17- to 20-second cycle time Super-fast cycle time improves speed of collection and reduces operating costs 

Smooth-sided body design with four side bolsters Optimized design strength in association with enhanced signage application 

Commercial sized 2.3m3 hopper Improves on route efficiencies for loading both residential and commercial waste 

Standard built-in 130-ltr sump tank Provides for leachate containment and reduces possibility of spills. Ideal for handling wet waste and organics

Shur-LockTM tailgate locks Hydraulically operated tailgate locks allow the operator to securely close and quickly open the tailgate, while improving safety during landfill/ transfer station activities 

Mechanical or electrical control options Increases options in accordance with improved efficiencies and ease of maintenance 

Standard LED lights and twin hopper work lights Improves visibility and durability 

Full range of container lifting mechanisms Full range of lifters available for picking up both US and European spec containers 

Standard oversized in-body oil tank Provides for improved weight distribution, less contamination exposure and better hydraulic oil cooling as well as freeing up valuable chassis frame rail space 

Powder-coated blades and ejector panel Offers improved product protection and durability 

Standard high-level tailgate to body seal interface Provides for enhanced leachate containment when handling organics 

Standard premium cylinders and valves Protective plated rods on all cylinders for increased durability and protection 

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