Bin Tippers


ML 150 Bin Tipper

The ML 150 is a versatile “low-level” lifter which allows for both hand-loaded plastic bags and 240 litre European style bins.

ML 220 Bin Tipper

The new generation of two-wheeled plastic bins realize their full potential when handled by a bin lifter such as the ML 220, which can empty well over 1200 bins per 8-hour shift.

ML 220R Rock Lifter

The ML220R or “Rocker lifter” is the first demountable lifter pair, where the frame and lifting mechanism are combined in one unit. This reduces the weight, costs, installation time, and makes for a more robust lifter. One of the main advantages of the demountable lifter is that it can easily be fitted or removed, this in turn means reduced downtime and greater flexibility.

ML 325

A single comb high level lifter capable of handling virtually all DIN/MGB bins, right from the 120 litre bin to the 1100 litre bin.

ML 325R

Over the past couple of years, the marketplace has shown increasing interest in the larger, four wheeled bins, from around 600 to 800 litres.

The ML 325 has replaced the more complex ML310 lifter that we had for this application before.


ML 450

There are many advantages of using the European style 240 liter bins, but some are now also using the larger 4-wheel bins of 660 and 770 liter capacity. When these mixed sizes of bins are used together with a high proportion of hand-loaded bags and loose refuse, then a low-level lifter with a wide comb is needed.