Cantilever lifts are the latest design in lifts and are suit able for all types of vehicles and applications. The advantage of a can
tilever lift is that the platform may be extended up to 2400mm in depth.
The lift is fully automatic and is able to tilt up or do wn and can act as a dock leveller.
Door rubbers can be fitted to the rear door frame so that the platform in the closed position acts as the rear door.

The Skyjacks Cantilever Lift is one of the most successful vehicle lifts in South Africa due to our patented working parts that are very low maintainance. This lift has been developed over sixteen years to cater specifically for the South African market and the challenges we face with logistics today.

The Cantilever lift is driven by 4 hydraulic cylinders. 2 lift cylinders move the platform to truck floor and ground positions and two tilt cylinders tilt the platform open and closed.

The platform comes in three different sizes basically the width of the vehicle by 1500 / 1750 / 1900 deep. The platform raises to be flush with the vehicles floor and lowers all the way to the ground for easy loading and off loading.

Standard Features

  • 4 Cylinder Operation
  • 12 or 24 V
  • 4 Button operators switch outside and inside the body
  • ¬†Anti-rupture valves in cylinder
  • Safety Flags
  • 12 Month Warranty country wide

Optional Extras

  • Roll stops (built into platform)
  • Door Seals
  • Inner control
  • Automatic tilting

Plateforms in Steel

  • Vehicle Width X 1500 mm deep
  • Vehicle Width X 1750 mm deep
  • Vehicle Width X 1900 mm deep