DuraPack Formula 5000

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The Heil Formula® 5000 rear loader is a high compaction refuse vehicle known throughout the world for its durability and performance. With over 16,000 built and over 23 years of proven reliability, the Formula® 5000 has become the mainstay collection vehicle for fleets large and small. From the world’s largest municipal fleet in New York City, to small independent haulers with just a few trucks, refuse haulers know they can depend on the 5000 to go to work every day.

The Formula® 5000 features Heil’s DuraPack™ Family body, with its curved sidewall and fully welded subframe, and a no-nonsense tailgate that can handle residential routes as well as commercial assignments. Like all Heil bodies, the 5000 uses high pressure hydraulics and high tensile steel construction to maximize performance without adding unnecessary weight. Its high angle cylinder mount and lighter weight tailgate puts more payload forward in the body for outstanding weight distribution, which also saves wear and tear on rearward chassis components.

F-5000 Essential Facts

  • Chrome plated and induction hardened cylinders
  • High pressure hydraulics
  • Low profile DPF body for better center of gravity and clearance from obstructions
  • All high tensile steel construction
  • Fully welded Interlaced subfloor
  • High angle cylinder mount puts more payload forward in the body
  • Container handling options include cart tippers, and commercial container devices
  • Over 16,000 built
  • Sizes Available: 18, 20, 25, 27, and 32 Cubic yards

Easy To Operate

  • Manual packing controls allow operator to stop, start, or reverse either upper panel or blade at any point in the packing cycle
  • Cycle is completed in two steps, one hand operation
  • Reload in 6 to 7 seconds
  • Complete cycle in 16-18 seconds
  • Accepts a variety of container handling devices, including cart tippers for residential semi-automated collection, reeving cylinder, roll bar, or winch for commercial container dumping

Linkage Packing System

  • A proven design for over 20 years
  • No rollers, slides or slide shoes to wear out
  • Fewer parts to wear out saves maintenance time and money
  • With linkage system, there is less friction and more force goes into packing the load
  • Smaller cylinders than comparable units also means a lighter body weight, and more legal payload

Easy To Service

  • Hydraulic tubes are protected from obstructions and the elements, routed inside rear bolster
  • Easy to reach from access panel
  • Frame mounted oil tank is easily serviced
  • Individual valve sections

Interlaced Subframe

  • Heil’s interlaced subframe is made from formed channels for extra strength
  • Fully Welded, for superior resistance to corrosion and cracking
  • Flat floor made from abrasion resistant steel for longer wear. No trough to clean out from trash buildup

Leading The Way

For more than 100 years, Heil has set the standard for quality, innovation, and value. With the PT 1000, we’ve raised the bar even higher.

In Performance…

The PT 1000’s three cubic yard hopper and 15 second cycle time put it in a class by itself when it comes to performance in a mid-priced rear loader. With payloads up to 1,000 pounds per yard…well, class is adjourned.

In Durability…

When it comes to toughness, heavier isn’t always better. Heil has long known that high tensile steels perform better over the long run, allowing steel to give before it cracks or breaks. This simple concept keeps Heil refuse bodies on the job long after others have given up. PT 1000 carries on that tradition.

In Quality and Precision…

Heil’s extensive investment in robotics in recent years is paying big dividends for our customers in stronger weld strength and consistent quality. Taking full advantage of today’s technologies, Heil has also invested in laser fabricators to manufacture parts with tolerances down to mere thousandths of an inch. It means parts on your PT 1000 will fit tighter, weld better, and last longer. These same technological advances create manufacturing efficiencies, as well, that mean Heil rear loaders like the PT 1000 are surprisingly affordable.

In Customer Commitment…

“Build it right, and back it with integrity.” Julius Heil had the right idea 100 years ago, and that principle remains a guiding force today. Heil customer support is legendary, from training to technical support, to simply standing behind our product. Taking that concept to another level, Heil recently became the only American refuse body manufacturer to achieve ISO 9001 certification. From the PT 1000 to every other product we make, it’s further assurance of our long term commitment to your satisfaction.