Hyva Titan Hooklifts

HyvaLift-2012HYVA proudly presents its new hook loader –  TITAN.  The newest project uses many technical  innovations, making it more effective, durable, and extremely versatile (“flexible”) in terms of cooperation with various containers. An undoubted advantage of the hook is reduced weight of while maintaining previous high capabilities and strength.

Mentioned “flexibility” of hook lift results from the fact that the device is capable to handle all types of containers, regardless of size. It perfectly copes with short containers – length 3750mm, as well as with much longer 7600mm. Additionally, the tonnage capacity of the basic version is 20 tons – but there are more powerful versions of 22 and 26 tons. For specific expectations and specialized applications, there are versions of 30 and 35 tons, and even the biggest model for 40 tons.

In the Hyvalift hook loader, the hook height meets all European-wide standards [DIN30722], and can be set to the value of 1420, 1450 and – 1570mm. Hook height adjustment is done in two ways. Firstly, there is a simple mechanical adjustment which sets the locking pin in one of three fixed positions, it can be done manually by the loader operator. The second option, which gives a great comfort to the operator, is a smooth change of height by a hydraulic cylinder controlled from the cockpit. Such precise positioning of the hook height does not limit usage of any standard containers. In extreme cases it allows to the use of non-standard containers. Thanks to this solution, hook loader is user-friendly and simple to use. Improved hook loader geometry allowed to lower a gravity centre of the vehicle. New technical solutions have been introduced also in the main cylinders.