RLU Column Lift


The Skyjacks column lift is one of the most successful vehicle lift in South Africa due to our patented working parts that are very low maintenance. This lift has been developed over sixteen years to cater specifically for the South African market and the challenges we face with logistic today.

The column lift is driven by a hydraulic cylinder which pushes two 11mm cables over a series of pulleys raising and lowering the main platform.

The platform comes in four different sizes basically the width of the vehicle by 800/1000/1200/1400mm deep.
The platform raises to be flush with the vehicles floor and lowers all the way to the ground for easy loading and off loading.

The new style of our column lifts are sure to add an eye catching feature to your vehicle.

ON REQUEST:  The added benefit of a flat sheet covering the full platform that is made especially for your companies sign writing.

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RLU 500 A800 mm315 mm
RLU 500 B1000 mm315 mm
RLU 750 A800 mm315 mm
RLU 750 B1000 mm315 mm
RLU 750 C1200 mm315 mm
RLU 1000 A800 mm315 mm
RLU 1000 B1000 mm315 mm
RLU 1000 C1200 mm315 mm
RLU 1500 A800 mm315 mm
RLU 1500 B1000 mm315 mm
RLU 1500 C1200 mm315 mm
RLU 2000 A800 mm315 mm
RLU 2000 B1000 mm315 mm
RLU 2000 C1200 mm315 mm