Road Sweeper – C101

road sweeper

Designed for use in confined spaces.

High Performance

The heart of the CN101 road sweeper is a powerful Deutz 3-cylinder, oil cooled, low emission diesel engine. Combined with the traditional Johnston Sweeper brush configuration and a choice of front wheel or four- wheel steer, the result is a powerful exceptionally maneuverable sweeper with a class leading turning circle of 3.9m kerb-to-kerb.

Hydrostatic Functions

The CN101 has an infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission with a smooth and responsive control system incorporating progressive ydrostatic braking. Front facing sweepgear features two independently controlled brushes ideal for reaching around street furniture and complete clearance of 90deg corners and hammerheads.

Road Sweep Gear

Sweepergear Brushes incorporate pressure control and variable speed functions which, combined with a wide mouthed nozzle and standard leaf flap, allows the efficient clearance of the huge variety of debris found in its path.

Stable and Balanced

Robust and agile, the CN101 has a 50:50 front to rear weight distribution throughout its loading cycle ensuring safe and stable operation. The CN101 also features a high tipping point of 1350mm making tipping into a skip an efficient and easy

Cost of ownership

Due to its design concept, the CN101 offers outstanding cost of ownership benefits. Add this to significant environmental savings and the CN101 sweeper is hard to beat for overall cost of ownership. The CN101 requires servicing only at 1000 hour intervals – approximately double that of similar machines – providing huge savings on maintenance costs and lost time on-station.

Fuel Efficient

As with all Johnston sweepers, the CN101 is designed to operate at low engine rpm resulting in significantly less fuel consumption, less noise, lower emissions and less wear and tear.  In addition, a simple boost mode is incorporated to aid operation in particularly aggressive areas. Unlike similar machines, this boost facility is not time limited and still provides low engine rpm. Service technicians were involved as an integral part of the design process of the CN101 to ensure that key servicing parts and pipe routings are easily accessible for maintenance, further reducing machine downtime.

Operator environment

From the ground up, the design of the CN101 recognises the importance of operator comfort and ease of operation. The chassis features independent coil springs and dampers to the front, and rubber cone suspension to the rear. As well
as providing outstanding ride comfort, this suspension system delivers low vibration and allows safe kerb climbing

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