Truck Mount – VT801


Heavy duty cleaning power house

Robust Construction Mounted to the sub-frame, the hydraulically operated sweeping system is designed to prolong the life of the brush and reduces the cost of ownership. Both channel and wide-sweep brush installations feature quick-change mechanisms which reduce downtime between changeovers. With a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel body, a hopper capacity of 8mAcircsup3 the Johnston VS801 is robust and built for unrivalled durability.

In-Cab Controls All sweeping operations are controlled from in-cab controls and critical systems controls – including the master circuit breaker plus the valves and auxiliary equipment for the pneumatic, hydraulic and water systems – are housed in an easily accessible purpose-built, dust and weatherproof locker. The VS801, in common with all V Range products, comes with waterproof IP67 automotive electrical connectors to enhance reliability.

Advanced Air Filter Design Through experience in hopper design, Johnston have developed a unique system which creates a cyclone effect within the hopper for efficient filtering of debris and dust particles prior to discharge to atmosphere through mesh filter screens. This unique design is a now a standard feature of all Johnston V Range sweepers. The rear discharge chute directs loads away from the rear of the vehicle, minimising the risk of damage to lamps and other components. The standard load de-watering system allows draining of water from the waste volume.

Download Brocure & Specs Sheet here