It never ever stops, the unlimited cycle of city life and the waste keeps coming.

It’s a fight fought by truck mounted sweepers and only the very best will do. Truck mounted sweepers developed without compromise, accuracy, developed from the very best elements and diligently put together to assist you win the war against litter, trash and rubbish taking its place in the frontline of the fight is the most recent advancement from Johnston VT651 Truck Mounted Road Sweeper . It’s the showcase of what we have gained from over 50 years of sweeping experience.

Download the Johnston VT651 Truck Mounted Street Sweeper Specifications Here

This brand-new vehicle follows the Johnstone approach to the letter which equates to higher performance with lower expense of ownership and high efficiency with very little ecological impact plus ease of operator usage with least downtime.

The VT651 Truck Mounted Road Sweeper provides matching engine power to the task with great fuel economy and the least environmental impact is the objective and Johnston attained this with 3 choices for powering cleansing operations, these are  auxiliary engines from John Deere or JCB or our own hydrostatic or semi hydrostatic drive.

Efficiency is customized to the job, 1500 rpm in “whisper mode” appropriate for most road cleaning operations or 2000 rpm for heavily soiled locations and harder tasks, however even at optimal revs Johnston sound suppression keeps the sound level to really low levels.

Auxiliary engine speed and fan speed are managed by Johnston’s canbus system supplying feedback on engine revs, fuel intake and service details, all of which can be downloaded onto a USB flash drive for later analysis.

However it’s here at business end where Johnston truly stands out, with basic devices and a series of alternatives to match any conditions. Our truck monted sweeper has the shortest wheelbase in its class which makes it much easier to steer in tight areas.

The vehicles performance is extended by basic vacuum nozzles which are more than capable of handling street rubbish, however combi vac nozzles can be fitted to allow for much faster sweeping speeds.

Johnston’s roto tilt brush arms search cambered curb sides and deep crevices clean with a power thrust increase pressure to the channel brushes for heavy cleaning plus the power scrub enhances pressure to the primary broom.

The  VT651 likewise permits double sweeping operating both suction boxes and channel arms concurrently to keep surface areas looking spotless.

It has line cleansing Jets integrated with the wash sculpt Jets on the the primary broom. This can now be changed through the pendant control from inside the cab to make sure optimal contact is kept with the surface at all times and all managed with a touch of a button which provides essential feed back to the driver.

The longer the sweeper remains on the surface the much better cleaning action is attained.

The  VT651 road sweeper can do more work than any other sweeper in its class as we use 3 big capacity hopper sizes and higher onboard water storage, which when integrated with Johnston’s water recirculation systems makes the water system go even further.

Street furniture can be washed down with the 15 meter tube integrated with the high power wash hand Lance which can also be used to clean up the vehicle after usage.

Litter that’s beyond the reach the brushes can quickly be collected with the top-mounted vacum hose pipe, this also helps to clear gullies and drains pipes or gathers big items while the operators remains safe on the curbside.

When tipping an integrated flooring angle increases the angle to help with emptying of the hopper without any need for additional work for the operator. In addition the estreme opening angle of the rear door makes sure that it is not damaged as the sweeper moves away after tipping.

Our truck mounted sweepers have evolved from years of us listening to the operators of these vehicles, who put performance at the top of their list, which means we have not only designed them to be reliable but efficient and user friendly.

The self-contained engine compartment protects components from the elements and considerably decreases engine noise as well as allowing for day-to-day engine checks which are carried out via the Canbus system.

Steel pipelines replace rubber pipes where possible and proximity switches replace micro switches distance changes change micro switches and naturally fault diagnosis is much easier through the Canbus system.

As cities evolve so do Johnston’s sweepers to keep ahead of the changing needs of our modern cities.