Wheel Chair Lifts


Our wheelchair lift is a robust double cylinder lift with a full  aluminium or mesh platform which lifts up to 350Kg. It has been  designed to lift larger and heavier wheelchairs safely.

There are twin pillars which ensure its stability. It is fully automatic which eliminates the  need for the operator to lift or bend, reducing fatigue and the risk of injury.

It is simple and safe to operate using a 2 button, hand held control. It is suitable for a  wide range of vehicles with a maximum floor height of 930mm.

Commercial Lifts


We also produce a robust double cylinder commercial lift with either steel, mesh or aluminium platform which lifts up to 500Kg’s.
It comes in various platform sizes (width and length) to suit the customer’s individual needs.

Suitable for a wide range of vehicles to a maximum floor height of 1300m