Our History, Our Future

Established in 1984 in Bellville, Cape Town as an engineering shop specifically for the repair of municipal and waste handling equipment. The company quickly established themselves as a support and service workshop for waste handling equipment across the Cape Peninsula.

Renowned for their commitment and dedication to clients and their unique requirements, its growing reputation led to the company being awarded and obtaining the franchise in Southern Africa for the Heil range of waste handling equipment. This included refuse compactors and other transport machinery. Heil Environmental is the world leader in mobile refuse compaction equipment.

Transtech continued to improve and expand its range of products and services. This further led to the successful addition of Johnston road-sweepers, Europe’s leading brand of municipal sweeping machines. These major brands were supplemented over the years with a wide range of supporting and complimentary products, always mindful of Transtech’s core business.

As Transtech’s product scope has widened over the years and relationships strengthened, the company also became proud agents and distributors of TFM Waste Handling Equipment, Faun Rotopress, Mechlift Lifters and Beam Airport Sweepers.

Transtech has become a powerful force in the industry. Supplying more than a thousand refuse compactor trucks, waste handling vehicles and street-sweeping machines for over 30 years, Transtech has evolved from a small repair firm to an international company with a more diversified focus.

Today Transtech is recognised by government departments, local authorities, leading private institutions and professional bodies for its leadership in the industry of product expertise and support. We consistently strive to offer the best product and a dedicated service to our clients. We believe that nothing in business is more important than the quality and accessibility of service.

For more than 35 years, from order to delivery, parts supply to service support; We have, and will remain true to our core values:

Committed to our clients, committed to the future.