Mechlift Bin Lifter

ML 150

The ML 150 Bin Lifter is a versatile “low-level” lifter which allows for both hand-loaded plastic bags and 240 litre European style bins.

It is durable and effective whether used in areas that are partially or fully converted to 240 litre bins.

The ML 150 has a patented rotary lift action, which is highly efficient and uses little power from the vehicle’s engine. It achieves cycle times of 7 to 8 seconds with bins weighing up to 180 kilograms.


  • It is highly compact, allowing bags to be easily thrown over the top of the lifter.
  • Ground clearance under the lifter is greater than comparable lifters, which results in much less accidental damage.
  • It is easily removable and transferable. The ML 150 is the only lifter which can be removed or transferred in under two minutes without the use of any tools!
  • A single rotary actuator drives each lifter, which provides a smooth bin emptying cycle for increased efficiency.
  • Stubborn refuse is normally ejected on the first attempt due to the tipping angle of 45º.
  • The ML 150 is fully designed, built and supported in South Africa for our unique local conditions.


Everyone is aware of the numerous benefits of utilizing European-style 240-litre whellie bins, but what bin lifter is required to empty them?

Your refuse truck must be able to properly handle both bags and bins with total adaptability, in places where hand-loaded plastic bags are still prevalent.

The ML150 has established itself as the most popular “lowlevel” bin lifter, capable of meeting the heavy needs of regions that have switched to the 240 litre bin system.

The ML150 can reach a cycle time of 7 to 8 seconds with bins weighing up to 180kg thanks to its innovative rotating lift mechanism, which is not only more efficient but also requires significantly less power from the vehicle’s engine.

COMPACT – Because the ML150 is nearly level with the hopper’s sill edge, bags may simply be tossed over the top. The lifter’s ground clearance is far higher than that of other comparable lifters, resulting in significantly less inadvertent damage.

EASILY REMOVABLE AND TRANSFERABLE – The ML150 is the only lifter that can be removed or transported without the need of any tools in under two minutes!

EFFICIENT – Each lifter is driven by a single rotary actuator, resulting in a smooth bin emptying cycle. Due to the 45o tipping angle, stubborn trash is usually evacuated on the first attempt.

LOCAL PRODUCT – The ML150 was designed, built, and maintained in South Africa to meet the country’s specific needs.