Mechlift Bin Lifter

 ML 325

ML325 Bin Lifter rear

Over the past couple of years, the marketplace has shown increasing interest in the larger, four wheeled bins, from around 600 to 800 litres.

The ML 325 is a single comb high level bin lifter capable of handling virtually all DIN/MGB bins, right from the 120 litre bin to the 1100 litre bin. It can also be fitted with trunnion lift arms and an adjustable lid opener for the larger “Spriko” bins.

90% of lifter damage and repair costs are suffered when the lifter is in the full down position. The ML 325 boasts a ground clearance of over 400mm, which means there is much less chance of the lifter getting damaged.

The single comb means that larger bins are easily loaded and emptied. It also means that only a single operator is required and since there are fewer working parts, maintenance and purchase costs are reduced.

ML325 Bin Lifter rear
ML325 Bin Lifter rear with bins