Bucher Airport Sweeper

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High speed runway and multi task airport sweeper

Airport Sweeper Truck

Designed to address the key surface cleansing needs of all sizes of airports in any environment.

This highly specialised high speed runway sweeping machine utilises special v-formation channels directing debris under the primary suction nozzles for the collection of larger FOD (foreign object debris).

High Speed

The V95t aero has a working speed that gives double the productivity of traditional runway sweepers. The innovative sweeping system allows sweeping speeds of up to 40 km/h.

Sweep System

The V95t aero has the sweeping and pick-up systems located between the axles where they are protected from collision damage.

brush sweeper system


The V95t aero is able to pick up water, dry and wet dirt as well as larger items of FOD (foreign object debris) and exceeds requirements of all military and civil aviation authority pick-up tests. The V95t aero also excels at cleaning stands, taxi ways, access ways,removing oil, grease and fuel spills.