A brand new baby (UD Croner with PTX15 refuse compactor truck) for Go Plant Hire Rental fleet!

Improved fuel economy allows for longer operation hours.

UD refuse Trucks takes pleasure in providing you with the package that best meets your needs. Using less gasoline per minute allows you to travel further and for longer periods of time at a reduced cost. Every driver has the skills to maximize deliveries thanks to the high torque GHE engine series, fuel coach, and available automatic gearbox. On each run, make the most of every opportunity.
There is constantly more room, comfort, and convenience for drivers.

Vehicle Interior

The interior of the Croner has been enhanced with a better arrangement and design that can be altered to match the demands of each driver. Drivers will benefit from the redesigned instrument cluster’s straightforward design, which provides greater comfort, efficiency, and safety.

Side view of the UD Croner garbage truck


Ergonomics are excellent.

The Croner’s interior has a contemporary, more open, and ergonomic design that prioritizes driver comfort and efficiency. For the driver, this implies better comfort, reduced weariness, and more productivity. To fit a wide range of drivers and provide the ideal driving posture, ergonomically designed seats with a wide range of adjustability, as well as a steering column with adjustable length and tilt, were used. The air suspension driver’s seat, which is available as an option, provides even more comfort. There are plenty of overhead storage bins, as well as clear interior illumination with a huge fluorescent lamp as an alternative.

Engineered to be dependable and long-lasting

Croner is a dependable and sturdy vehicle that is designed with proven strong components without sacrificing quality. You will spend less time on maintenance and more time generating money on the road because it is a durable and simple to maintain truck. Years of development and rigorous stress testing have gone into each component.

With Croner we have created a reliable and durable truck, built with proven robust components without compromising on quality. It’s an enduring and easily serviced truck, so you’ll spend less time on maintenance and more time making money on the road. Each component is the result of years of development and harsh stress testing to create the ultimate medium-duty platform.

Testing for dependability and durability

Croner’s development has prioritized quality and dependability from the beginning of the design process through engineering, testing, and production. From original idea to serial manufacturing, our specialist engineers spent over 3 years developing and testing, putting in 1,700,000 engineering hours, 30,000 testing hours, and employing 90 test rigs and over 100 test vehicles. As a result, the vehicle is more sturdy, reliable, and durable than others in its class.

The Croner was put to the test in the worst weather conditions and terrains throughout the world for the equivalent of 3 million kilometers of durability testing. In addition, over the course of 18 months, 1.4 million kilometers of field testing in actual client operations were conducted across six countries and three continents.