1. Don’t give packaging madness a chance!
    Buy fresh fruits and vegetables without packaging, use a cloth bag, basket, or net.
  2. Waste takes a break too!
    The snack bread for school, work and leisure does not require aluminum or cling film, but is also hygienic and well stored in a snack box.
  3. Think before giving!
    When it comes to giving, the content counts, not the packaging. If you still don’t want to do without packaging entirely, you can conjure up decorative packaging from newsprint, for example.
  4. Use solar cells and rechargeable batteries instead of batteries!
    The use of rechargeable batteries or solar cells saves dozens of batteries. In this way, environmentally harmful heavy metals can be avoided and money saved.
  5. Well-preserved furnishings, clothing and toys are looking for a second life!
    Resell or give away cheaply supports charitable causes and helps people in need.
  6. Buy durable products!
    In the longer term, long-lasting products not only pay off for the environment, but also for the wallet. Prefer high quality materials and pay attention to disassembly and repairability!
  7. Use bottles instead of cans!
    Reusable bottles help to avoid waste. They can be refilled up to 40 times and can be easily and easily recycled after their lifespan. Beverage cans, on the other hand, require enormous amounts of energy and raw materials to be created.
  8. Avoiding waste is possible without sacrificing quality of life.
    Share your ideas, actions, successes in waste prevention with your friends, relatives or work colleagues. Talk about it and contribute to waste prevention and new environmental awareness through your behavior.