Bucher Street Sweeper


Power and performance packaged for the city

Bucher street sweeper v50

The V Range Truck Mounted Road Sweeper has established itself as one of the most reliable and dependable truck mounted sweeper.

The latest V Range sweepers have been developed from over 50 years of evolution and continuous improvement to meet customer requirements.

With sweepers tailored to operate in many specific environments, we can offer a wide choice of products and options, which ensures maximum performance is always achieved

Designed to last

The V50 sweeper operates at the lowest cost, with a large 190 litre auxiliary fuel tank giving increased on-station time. In addition, maintenance costs are significantly reduced on the gearbox and fluid coupling, as no belts or high wearing components are required. The Bucher V50 provides the lowest emissions and running costs. Suction sweeping requires fewer components, resulting in less wear and tear which in turn reduces maintenance costs.

Low noise

The V Range Sweepers are equipped with noise suppressions hoods encapsulating the auxiliary engine and fan casing. Noise attenuation vanes are fitted as standard in the air exhaust system. Noise at the drivers ear is less than 75 dB(A) at maximum revs (chassis dependant), creating a safter operating environment for both the driver and pedestrians. The engine can be set to lower revs for night sweeping which reduces the noise levels by 50%.

Productivity driven by reliability

The V50 provides the ideal balance between performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership, with applications to suit a full range of sweeping environments, benefits that make the V50 the sweeper of choice worldwide.

Productivity is driven by reliability and dependability through fewer breakdowns or service interventions. Combine this with great suction performance, quick engage options and an ease of onsite adjustments or consumable replacements and your time working increases.

The V Range delivers great productivity with standard features and a wide range of options to match your operational needs.