Mechlift Rocker Lifter
ML 200R

Rocker Lifter ML 200R

The new generation of two-wheeled plastic bins realize their full potential when handled by a bin lifter such as the ML 220, which can empty well over 1200 bins per 8-hour shift.

Such high performance is achieved by the “high-level” lifting action where the tipped bin is above the compactor mechanism, allowing simultaneous bin emptying and compaction.

The ML 220 is a high-level lifter that achieves high productivity with little stress, noise, mass and maintenance – at an affordable price. It is by far the most popular lifter in our range.


  • Running cost are negligible, as all bearings are maintenance free and no flexible hoses or hydraulic cylinders with exposed rods are used.
  • Accident repair costs are also minimal due to the simplicity of the design and the very high ground clearance.
  • A patented rotary lift action is highly efficient and uses little power from the vehicle’s engine. The ML 220 achieves cycle times of 7 to 8 seconds with bins weighing up to 150kg.
  • The ML 220 has single rotary actuators, which drive each sub-assembly of the lifter, providing a smooth bin emptying cycle.
  • Stubborn refuse is normally ejected on the first attempt due to the large tipping angle.
  • This model is readily interchangeable with other European “high-level” lifters as it complies with the DIN interface standard.
  • Because of the lower mass of the ML 220, it is often the only “high-level” lifter that can be fitted to single rear axle vehicles.
  • Despite the low mass, this model is extremely sturdy and rigid due to the clean box-section design and widely spaced bearing point


  • Totally dedicated and optimised for the 240 liter bin only.