Bucher Compact Sweeper


Small and perfectly formed


Designed around six key objectives as required by our customers.

The Bucher Municipal C202 is the latest evolution of Bucher’s class leading 2 cubic metre range. The design is driven by six key objectives as required by our customers: high performance, high productivity, low cost of ownership, minimal environmental impact, safety and operator’s experience.


High Performance

The Bucher C202 offers longer on-station time allowing the sweeper to be out cleaning whilst others are returning to base to tip, refuel or fill with water.

Maximising on-station time requires a balance of having enough water to allow the operator to fill the hopper on a dry day, having enough hopper volume to cope with large volumes of leaves and litter, having enough of a payload to handle heavy detritus and having enough fuel to last the shift.


High productivity

Productivity is driven by a combination of reliability, having fewer service interventions, great suction performance, quick engage options and outstanding maneuverability.

Service interventions restrict the time out sweeping, routine servicing, hydraulic leaks, damage, and even punctures have an impact on utilisation.

The Bucher C202 has been improved to reduce the risk of damage, reduce tire wear and punctures and improve hydraulic routing to prevent leaks and chaffing.


A safe work environment

Safety for the operator, service engineer, other road users, and vulnerable road users is everyone’s priority and the Bucher C202 has a range of features and optional equipment designed to make operating and repairing the Bucher C202 better than ever.


Lower cost of ownership

 The Bucher C202 has been designed with a low running cost in mind. A host of new features has been added using the latest technology and innovation to lower the cost of ownership.