Bucher CityCat Sweeper


Bucher Municipal’s new lighter, more mobile sweeper

Sweeper citycat vs20

Welcome to improved suction, enhanced connectivity, increased comfort and ever-important sustainability based on many years of experience in the development of compact sweepers.

With 3.5 t gross weight, the CityCat VS20 delivers an outstanding combination of load capacity and sweep performance. Lightweight and powerful at once, the sweeper is drivable with just a class B (car) driver’s license.

Bucher Municipal’s 3.5 t sweeper

The CityCat VS20 is the only pure sweeper in the 3.5 t class, for maximum performance in daily sweeping operations. With a one tone payload, up to 425 l of water and a hopper volume of 2 , compromises are a matter of the past.
The sweeper adapts to local conditions from the simplest application to high end sweeping jobs while meeting the weight restrictions for use on sidewalks and it can be driven with class B (car) driver’s license.

Class leading manouverability

Tried and true articulated steering provides exceptional agility, maneuverability and maximum directional stability, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on sweeping without worrying about maneuvering. Articulated steering combined with the front brush means that the vehicle can efficiently and cost-effectively clean everything from the narrowest of passages to the largest of areas.


Comfort and safety

The all new ergonomically designed, ROPS tested cab and the single wheel suspension ensure a unique driving experience. Easy use of the sweeper is provided by a simple human machine interface and a one-hand operation concept. The Smart-Con control system supported by the CSense touch-display invites the driver into a new, intuitive world of operation in which the driver can focus on the work in front of him and the operation becomes secondary.